Our Background

Stafford University (SU) is a privately owned University licensed by the National Council for Higher Education on the 1st of October 2015 to officially carry out its operations. The University is located on Plot 2530, Block 15 Kibuga Nsambya P.O.Box 12414 Kampala – Uganda. It currently has three (3) faculties i.e. Business & Management, Science and Technology and Humanities.

The University offers different programs ranging from certificates, diplomas and degrees with maximum flexibility that includes; day, evening and weekend sessions.

Our Vision

To be the powerhouse of knowledge and discovery.

Our Mission

To provide the Highest Standards of Professional Education Services through Research and Training.

Our Core Values

  • Diversity, cultures, gender, skills/interdisciplinary
  • Professionalism, in the conduct of business and investment in faculty and staff
  • Mutual benefit, between the partners and stakeholders to leverage all possible synergies
  • Integrity that would become institutional character, intellectual honesty and ethical conduct in all endeavors
  • Enhance the Global Village by Education, Gender and Diversity

Our Valued Partners

  • Post Secondary
  • Secondary Leavers
  • Working Class
  • Corporate training & consultancy market

Profile Links

SUU Profile
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